Yarg uses the built-in unittest framework for Python and uses nose as the test rig.

Running the tests using the Makefile

A target has been made available in the project’s Makefile for running the test rig, it will install all requirements for testing and run the tests.

make test

Running the tests without using the Makefile

pip install -r requirements-test.txt
nosetests --processes=$(shell grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo 2>/dev/null || sysctl -n hw.ncpu) --with-progressive

Running the tests with tox/detox

A tox configuration is also provided if you’d like to run the test rig against all the supported Python versions.

You can do this via the Makefile target that will install all requirements and run the tests:

make tox

Or you can do it manually:

pip install -r requirements.txt -r requirements-test.txt